Megg (wormsex) wrote in glam_freaks,

Here's a new outfit for you to wear on Halloween night (or whenever!)
Spooky Bats 'n Cats bustier and skirt up for bid - Get it while you can! These are the only ones that will be made.
Also check out the sexy black PVC skirt with white petticoat-ruffles!

Also, please take my short survey having to do with fashion and clothing that you'd like to see.

1. In regards to apparel, what type of clothing would you like to see for sale?

2. What type of fabrics do you most often like to wear?

3. When it comes to buying clothing, what is most important to you?

4. What is your price range when it comes to buying new clothing?

5. How often do you buy a new article of clothing?

6. Any other comments?


_Megan Ridenour
Fashion Designer/Seamstress
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